Abbati Eleganza d’uso is a family business steeped in Sartorial history that set up in 1984 and which in its current day form has grown and developed into a modern company, undeniable leader in creative design, production and distribution of men and women’s workwear clothing.

Luxury Hospitality and Events venues represent our main areas of business where we work on an international scale with some of the leading luxury hotel groups including, Relaix & Chateaux, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, Jumeirah, LHV as well as renowned yacht and golf clubs.

It is easy to speak of passion as being at the heart of everything we do, but what does passion look like in everyday terms. Well here at “Abbati” it means tireless research into the finest fabrics, care of the minutest detail, listening attentively to our clients and bringing a love of fine tailoring and tradition of Italian Sartorial know how into an industrial format fully compliant of the quality standards synonymous with Made in Italy.

Abbati eleganza d’uso has expanded and developed under the umbrella of the evolution of style and its client’s needs whilst never compromising on excellence, quality and customer service delivery.

With the search and growing appreciation for “Made in Italy”, Abbati has extended its family internationally with an office in ° floor 207 Regent Street – London W1B 3hh.